Asexuality is an Option


Some people define themselves and their sexual orientation as "Asexual", meaning they have no interest in practicing any level of sexual activity. As humans we are intrinsically sexual beings, but may naturally have no interest,

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Your Inner Clitoris


So, you think that the diagrams you've seen and the sex education you've had about the 'little button' are accurate? Think again! There is an entire large collection of nerves, blood vessels, and spongy tissues

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Fun & Pleasure


Is there anyone who could honestly say that s/he does not want to be happy? Is there any one who would actually refuse a chance to feel good? or have fun? or receive pleasure? The

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Sex in your Sixties


Being over 60 years old and enjoying sex for some people creates a non sequitor  -- the two things have no relationship to each other.  That is truly unfortunate.  They are missing out the possibility

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Sexual Desire


ENHANCING SEXUAL DESIRE (by clearing your mind) I hear women speak of having Low Sexual Desire all day every day. Inevitably we discover a big part of the problem is being over-scheduled, over-worked and overwhelmed

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Kink & BDSM


BDSM is a relatively new term coined for Bondage & Discipline, Dominant & Submissive, and Sado-Masochism. It has also been called Kink, Leather, and other endearing terms. I have had an amazing academic opportunity to

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Masturbation is Okay!


There are many health benefits of having orgasms such as better genital blood flow, less pain, and more pleasure. Here well will burst wide open the misconceptions about masturbation as being 'bad' or 'wrong' or

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Anal Sex Safety Parameters


The other day I had a patient point blank ask me "So What About Anal Sex?". I had to stop a moment and think, "Yes, so What ABOUT It?" I told her this brief summary

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Tantric Sex


Tantra is an ancient Hindu/Buddhist activity devised in India around 5000 years ago designed to access a Spiritual level through the ordinary Physical plane.  It is a practice of using the breath and mental clarity,

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