Vulvo-Vaginal Health


    Last month I was in Chicago learning from the best of the best of dermatologists and gynecologists who specialize in abnormal conditions of the vulva and vagina.  I want to reiterate here some

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What is a person to do if the gender they were assigned at birth due to the appearance of their genitals was not the gender they truly felt inside? Where do they go and whom


Integrative Medicine


As a traditionally trained physician in the Western Medical Model, I find that our conventional medicine in the US is unparalleled any where in the world for acute conditions, that is. Our response to trauma

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Actively Relaxing


I meet so many people who are so busy doing, doing, doing, that they forget to just BE! The most stressed people I find are the young mothers, who also work, and take care of

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Kegel Excercises


For Stress Urinary Incontinence Urinary leakage has many causes, but the most common is due to an anatomic weakness of the muscles that surround the bladder neck. These exercises are very effective to regain support

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Vaginal Dryness


Thank you for asking about vaginal dryness, pain, irritation and sexual discomfort. This is a VERY common condition, especially in menopause. You are not alone! This sometimes occurs with low dose birth control pills or

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Hot Flashes


Welcome to the wonderful, wacky, wigged-out world of PMS, perimenopause, and menopause! What you are experiencing now is very common and considered NORMAL. But even “normal” can be miserable sometimes, here are a few suggestions

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Hormone Therapy


Ovarian BIO-IDENTICAL Hormones: Basic Information B-HRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) In menopause, ALL ovarian hormones are NORMALLY low. This does NOT require ANY treatment, unless the woman is experiencing symptoms that have not been alleviated

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Pink Viagra


Generic Flibanserin, or the new Brand Name: Addyi, was released in mid October 2015 as the first medication to treat Low Sexual Desire Disorder in PRE-Menopausal Women. But not so fast, ladies, it does not

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Here are some updates in the sexual realm for younger women in general, and older women in the dating scene. There is a very different focus on sexual activities when there is a high chance