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Sex is Everywhere


I had fun finding sacred and secular images of sex and fertility all throughout Europe.  Above: statue of Venus experiencing pleasure in L' Acadamie D'Art Museum, down the hall from the David.    Below:  1.

Sex is Everywhere2017-07-10T21:32:24-04:00

Improving Your Sex Life


There are a few very important issues that must be addressed when trying to improve one's sex life.   These are concerns that seem very simple, but may need some support with counseling, and definitely require involvement with

Improving Your Sex Life2017-04-21T12:05:34-04:00

Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day can be a source of angst for lots of people whether in a relationship or not.  There can be a lot of unnecessary pressure to give gifts, plan special dates or meals, and maybe

Valentine’s Day2017-04-21T11:57:59-04:00

Sex Be Not Proud


Isn't sex supposed to be perfect?  Fun?  Easy?  Feel, smell and sound amazing?  Just like in the movies?  Where everything goes amazingly well?  Hahahahahaha!  Yeah right! What about when your sweaty bodies make a sucking sound when

Sex Be Not Proud2016-12-13T13:14:25-04:00

Sexual Counseling Files


So many people believe that the only measure of a good sex life is how often it occurs.  The number of times per day/week/month/year is all they notice.  But so many couples are out there

Sexual Counseling Files2016-11-28T18:39:17-04:00

Vulvo-Vaginal Health


    Last month I was in Chicago learning from the best of the best of dermatologists and gynecologists who specialize in abnormal conditions of the vulva and vagina.  I want to reiterate here some

Vulvo-Vaginal Health2016-11-28T18:39:17-04:00



What is a person to do if the gender they were assigned at birth due to the appearance of their genitals was not the gender they truly felt inside? Where do they go and whom


Naked in Nature


Naked. That's what we all are right now. All of us, everywhere. We are all totally naked under our clothes. While I accept feelings to the contrary, and respect social mores and religious beliefs, I

Naked in Nature2016-11-28T18:39:17-04:00

The Young and Marrieds


I see many young couples concerned about lower desire and less frequency of their sexual encounters. They are frustrated, angry and incredulous that their previous fun and freedom is now curtailed by the heavy responsibilities

The Young and Marrieds2016-11-28T18:39:17-04:00